Our Weight Loss Program involves a thorough initial medical, lifestyle and nutritional consultation. Programs include either individual or group nutritional and behavioral instruction related to eating problems, metabolic testing, review of individual medical conditions; which either cause or are affected by weight and the development of individual exercise prescriptions.

Our team of medical, nutritional and strength-training professionals specialize in developing and designing programs for long term weight loss management. Our strategy is to evaluate individual weight history, genetic background, current stressors, and medical history in a holistic approach to addressing your individual needs.

While losing weight can be difficult, studies have shown that a multidisciplinary approach including dietary changes, physical activity and behavioral modification is the most effective way of achieving and maintaining weight loss. The program helps you achieve and maintain weight loss by utilizing proven techniques including: meal replacements, individualized nutrition and workout plans and behavioral modification strategies. Our expert team of will help you achieve your ideal weight, by addressing lifestyle changes that enable you to achieve better health.

The New Beginning Weight-Loss Management Program welcomes anyone who has had lap-band surgery and hopes to gain a sense of control with all the components of his/her weight issues. Our team will work with you and your regular primary care physician to ensure success. Weight management is a lifelong endeavor. Constant re-evaluation is essential to weight loss and weight maintenance. The same plan will not work for the rest of your life. But, there is both hope and reasonable solutions available for you as long as you continue to follow-up. It is definitely not simple, but you are not alone. Our team of professionals is here to partner with you, as you take the next steps to getting your life back through effectively managing your weight.

$50 for initial consultation
$50 per training session
$200 for meal plan, tailored workout plan, four training sessions
$225 Renewed Beauty Package: meal plan, tailored workout plan, four training sessions and initial consultation.

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