Weight Loss IV

Weight Loss IV in Tucson, AZ

Hydration and IV infusion therapy can help boost weight loss goals.

Many of us struggle with body image and weight gain. It can seem like an impossible goal to meet and oftentimes we get frustrated and may even give up on our health goals. We’re all hearing our friends talk about their new year’s resolutions and you may even have a few resolutions of your own. A truly simple step in the slimmer, healthier direction is proper hydration. In terms of weight loss, an optimal amount of water to drink is a gallon per day.

Drinking more water assists with digestion, decreases water retention, and can even act as a natural appetite suppressant. Making sure that we’re staying hydrated is also one of the easiest ways to ramp up our body’s fat burning capacity. People who drink more water burn at least 2 to 3 times more calories than their counterparts that drink less water over the course of the day.

While it seems super simple and easy to just drink our way to a slimmer body, it isn’t always as easy to incorporate healthier eating and drinking habits into the hectic rituals of our daily routines. Of course, visiting the nearest IV lounge is a good idea. It’s equally important to remember to incorporate water-rich foods into your diet. Also, small changes to your lifestyle such as carrying a water bottle or leaving one at your work desk can increase the likelihood of being able to meet a higher water quota plus, it will have the additional benefit of being good for the environment and decreasing your carbon footprint.

Our water intake should be based on the amount of activity we participate in, our climate, and our weight. The suggested amount of water is a half-ounce to an ounce of water for every pound that you weigh. In essence, a person who weighs 200 pounds should drink between 100-200 ounces of water per day, about a gallon to a gallon and a half. It sounds formidable but it’s truly doable! One gallon is only about 3.5 liters of water. What’s a gallon of water to the amazing feeling that accompanies being wholly hydrated and losing weight in the meantime?

Taking vitamins by intravenous drip can promote your weight loss, this is how:

1 – You will be more energetic

You will be more energetic when your vitamin levels are optimal. If you are limiting calories and exercising, then your energy levels will suffer. Our Health & Wellness drip is a comprehensive protocol that will ensure that you get all the vitamins your body needs to maintain its energy levels.

2 – You will sleep better

You will sleep better when you are not suffering from vitamin deficiencies. By ensuring optimum vitamin levels you will allow your body to better rest and recover. This in turn will improve the effects of exercise.

3 – You won’t suffer vitamin deficiencies

You won’t suffer vitamin deficiencies because your body better absorbs vitamins when taken by intravenous drip. When you take vitamins orally, by the food you eat and supplements, your body only absorbs about 20% of the vitamins. When you take vitamins by IV your body absorbs 100% because it is introduced directly into the bloodstream.

4 – You will recover from exercise faster

You will recover from exercise faster when your body has the building blocks to heal. By taking an IV like our Athletic Performance drip your body will have those building blocks right where it needs them at the time it needs them. You will recover faster and be able to maintain a more strenuous level of exercise.

5 – You will support your adrenal gland

You will support your adrenal gland with vitamins to prevent adrenal fatigue. This will allow you to improve and maintain your metabolism, burning more fat to accelerate weight loss.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Upon consultation and evaluation, the physician will develop an individualized treatment plan and suggest an appropriate IV detoxification procedure. A trained nurse will then insert an IV into the vein (usually in the arm or wrist), through which the appropriate vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or a combination of them will be slowly infused into the bloodstream.

Patients sit comfortably throughout the procedure, which can last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Based on various reports, IV Therapy has some immediate, invigorating effects. However, repeated infusion may be necessary to achieve optimum health results. This is especially true for drug and alcohol therapy, wherein physical withdrawal has to be addressed.

IV Therapy is a safe, standard procedure and is guaranteed to be successful when performed by trained medical experts. Risks and complications are rare, but a small percentage of patients may experience swelling, burning sensation, tightness on skin, discomfort, or cooling sensation and blanching. Phlebitis, or the inflammation of veins caused by trauma during IV insertion, may also occur but rarely happens.