Cynosure SculpSure Body Contouring

SculpSure Body Contouring in Tucson, AZ

Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center is proud to offer a range of body contouring solutions, including SculpSure by Cynosure, to bring you one step closer to the more contoured, sculpted appearance you've always desired. Whether it's your arms, back, thighs, belly, or under your chin, your customized treatment plan will leave you with stunning results!

SculpSure by Cynosure: An Overview

Even with the best diet and exercise regimen, there are often stubborn pockets of fat that you simply can't get rid of. SculpSure body contouring treatments safely target and eliminate fat cells in just 25 minutes without harming the surrounding tissues. You'll need no downtime after treatment, so you'll resume your activities right away. Most patients require multiple treatment sessions for the best results.

The revolutionary device targets laser energy into the treatment areas, heating fat cells and damaging their structural integrity without affecting the skin's surface. Over the next three months, the body's lymphatic system eliminates the destroyed fat cells. SculpSure body contouring results are permanent because the destroyed fat cells cannot regenerate. Results are noticeable as soon as six weeks after treatment, with the full effects typically apparent at about 12 weeks.

The number of fat cells in the body remains constant throughout adult life. When you lose weight, the fat cells shrink in size, but they do not decrease in number. With SculpSure, the fat cells that are destroyed will never return, meaning you'll permanently reduce the number of fat cells in the treated areas.

The cutting-edge laser will cycle on and off, raising the temperature of the targeted fat cells. You may feel a deep warmth or a tingling sensation, which most people tolerate well. A cooling mechanism will keep your skin safe and comfortable throughout the treatment.

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