Hydration IV

Hydration IV in Tucson, AZ

Prevent and Recover from Sickness with IV Hydration

Along with allowing your body to function properly day to day, proper hydration and nutrition helps you avoid and recuperate from cold, flu, and other illnesses. Stay healthy with our immune system IV treatment, or get better with our cold and flu hydration therapy, or stop by Renewed Medical Health & Beauty hydration clinic. Our hydration specialists are dedicated to keeping you healthy, active, and feeling good.

Dehydration Treatment

The human body relies on water to carry out daily, essential functions. With almost 60% of your body made up of water, you can quickly fall into a dangerous cycle of dehydration and illness if you do not replenish your fluids. You can quickly become sick if you’re not getting water at the rate your body needs it. Keeping up with your system is tricky, but with the resources we offer at Renewed Medical Health & Beauty, staying healthy and hydrated is effortless.

People today are more active and health conscious than they were twenty years ago. They are aware of the importance of truly supervising their physical activity and what they eat and drink, but having the right tools to stay safe during your efforts to reach your goals can be a whole different conversation. Avoiding extreme dehydration can be difficult whether you have diabetes or you’re about to run a marathon in humid, 100° weather (or both). Even if you think you’re drinking enough water, your body may begin to shut down if it can’t access the fluids it needs quickly enough to keep up with your performance.

Without proper hydration, you can put yourself at risk for drastically lowered blood pressure, increased heart rate, heat stroke, passing out, and even a trip to the hospital. Athletes who are seriously concerned about their health know the best way to treat dehydration is to prevent it. Ignoring your need for hydration can leave you underperforming and weak. Don’t risk causing unintended damage to your body.

As an essential dehydration prevention strategy for diabetics, athletes, coaches, and professional sports players, Renewed Medical Health & Beauty IV Hydration treatments can give you full restoration of your body’s water in preparation for your day to day functions. Optimize your performance on the court and give yourself the confidence you need to push yourself in the gym by providing your body with the restorative, boosting IV hydration treatment we offer our customers.

Without the correct balance of electrolytes in your system, your muscles’ ability to contract will be challenged, leading to an increase in muscle pain after your workouts. Hydration wellness is key in establishing and maintaining the proper balance of electrolytes in your body, but after exercise or sicknesses with symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting, you can quickly lose the electrolytes your body needs to function comfortably.

The best way to replenish electrolytes comes down to natural and direct forms of hydration treatment. Sports drinks like Gatorade contain glucose sugar, making it an unwise electrolyte loss prevention and treatment option, especially for diabetics and individuals looking for a sugar free electrolyte replenishment option.

Renewed Medical Health & Beauty offers a Hydration IV treatment for direct replenishment of fluids and electrolytes for your body. This solution will not only treat mild forms of electrolyte deficiency but also help prevent future severe dehydration.

If you’re in search of other pre or post workout treatments, Renewed Medical Health & Beauty offers a number of IV hydration treatments for the purpose of restoring and maintaining your body’s health. Athletes needing the freedom to push themselves to achieve their goals or who are anticipating an important and intense competition can benefit greatly from our athlete hydration treatment. If you’re coming out of a rigorous workout or activity, on the other hand, and need to get back on your feet for the day ahead, a post-workout recovery treatment is also available with Renewed Medical Health & Beauty.

Upon consultation and evaluation, the physician will develop an individualized treatment plan and suggest an appropriate IV detoxification procedure. A trained nurse will then insert an IV into the vein (usually in the arm or wrist), through which the appropriate vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or a combination of them will be slowly infused into the bloodstream.

Patients sit comfortably throughout the procedure, which can last between 45 minutes to an hour.

Based on various reports, iv therapy has some immediate, invigorating effect. However, repeated infusion may be necessary to achieve optimum health results. This is especially true for drug and alcohol therapy, wherein physical withdrawal has to be addressed.