Nose Augmentation

Nose Augmentation in Tucson, AZ

Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center of Tucson is pleased to offer safe and effective nose augmentation. Dermal fillers and PDO Medical Threading are available, and our knowledgeable professionals are at your service to discuss each and help you decide which procedure is right for you!

What is Nose Augmentation?

Enhancing the appearance of the nose is the primary purpose of this procedure. Visual appeal through reshaping is the goal.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty involves the use of dermal fillers to enhance the shape of your nose. It involves injecting dermal fillers into targeted areas of the nose, including its tip, nostrils, or bridge, to create smoother lines or add volume where needed. The results are natural yet noticeable.

A PDO thread lift is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes a dissolvable suture to tighten and lift your skin. Nose Thread Lift is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, which attains similar aesthetic results to surgical rhinoplasty. This procedure uses PDO Threads to redesign the nose bridge and nose tip, making them higher and straighter, creating a more defined, slimmer, and sharper nose.

PDO medical threading is far less invasive than a traditional surgical nose job and usually requires under 45 minutes to complete. Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts use a dissolving polyester suture that promotes collagen production as it dissolves.

Results typically last for about 1-2 years. If the therapy is repeated nine months after the initial treatment, you can expect the treatment's effects to last even longer. Finally, with collagen stimulation, you can expect some long-term lifting and tightening.

Nose Augmentation Near Me

Contact Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center of Tucson to learn more about nose augmentation and determine if it’s right for you. Our team is here to meet your beauty and wellness needs. Call us and schedule your appointment today!