Erectile Dysfunction + Sexual Enhancement for Men

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Sexual Enhancement for Men in Tucson, AZ

If you're in search of non-surgical solutions to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), you've come to the right place. Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center offers a range of male enhancement options to improve your sexual function and enhance your quality of life.

Are You a Candidate for ED Treatment?

Candidates for ED treatment are men who have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection and individuals who experience reduced sexual desire. The good news is that with Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center's groundbreaking erectile dysfunction treatments options, you'll find long-lasting relief and improved sexual performance at any age. We invite you to ask us about our non-surgical treatment options today!

The Renewed Shot is a highly effective ED treatment, drawing from your own body’s healing properties. The procedure begins with a blood draw and extracting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with a high concentration of growth factors, then injecting the PRP into the penis.

Most men report an almost dramatic improvement in their ED symptoms. The Renewed Shot improves circulation, enhancing erections, sensation, and pleasure. It has been shown to enlarge, straighten, and strengthen the penis with proven results. The Renewed Shot works well alongside other therapies, so if you still need Viagra or Cialis, they will work better for you.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance in men include night sweats, poor quality of sleep, lack of energy, chronic fatigue, impaired cognitive function, mood swings, anxiety, depression, erectile dysfunction, decreased sex drive, and lack of sexual satisfaction. Some men also experience joint pain, osteoporosis, unexplained weight gain or muscle mass loss, and the inability to lose weight.

Each person is unique and may display different symptoms. By optimizing your hormone levels using hormones that are identical in structure to those your body naturally produces, you'll bring your health and body back into balance, alleviating many of those unwelcome symptoms. So, if you feel like something's not quite right, trust your gut and make sure to contact your trusted team at Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center to have your hormone levels evaluated.

The Zimmer ZWave is recommended for men with mild to severe ED who have experienced unsatisfactory results with other ED treatments. The groundbreaking therapy uses high-energy radial shockwaves to significantly increase blood flow to the penis while stimulating the formation of new vascular structures and improving connective tissues.

The advantages of Zimmer ZWave shockwave therapy for ED include increased sexual function and pleasure and restored confidence. The innovative ED solution is pain-free, non-invasive, and requires no downtime. It can also be used in combination with other ED treatments, enhancing their results.

Viagra and Cialis belong to a class of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. They relive the symptoms of ED by improving the blood flow to the tissues of the penis, which helps the erection last long enough to allow for satisfying sexual experiences. These optimizers have been proven to be safe and effective in erectile dysfunction treatment. However, they only provide temporary relief. They are not considered permanent ED solutions.

The best way to determine the ED solution that's right for you is to schedule a consultation with your trusted team at Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center. We will evaluate your unique needs and create a fully customized treatment plan recommending one or a combination of treatments for real results that last.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment and Sexual Enhancement for Men Near Me

Contact Renewed Medical Health and Beauty Wellness Center in Tucson, AZ, to learn more about our non-surgical ED and male sexual enhancement treatment options. Enjoy improved sexual performance and long-lasting results. Call our office to schedule your appointment today!