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I went into early menopause at 33 and had many terrible symptoms and weight gain. Svetlana and her team are lovely to work with and put me on a whole plan to feel better and lose weight, including hormone therapy. It’s been working great and I’m SO happy and feeling so much better!
3 weeks ago
If you want anything from hormones, general wellness, weight loss to botox/fillers, laser treatments, aesthetics… this is the place to go! svetlana is amazing at all she does and the staff are amazing, very friendly!
in the last week
I suffered from hyper-thyroidism and some MD's were recommending radiation therapy. They were very settled on the their opinion about the matter. As a consequence of this problem I had a very elevated heart and low blood pressure. This interfered with my ability as a professional and as a mother of two kids. I felt exhausted and was consumed with worry as I did not want to have radiation therapy which I would forever have to take medications for. My husband knew of Sventlana and Renewed Medical Health and believed she could possibly help. After following Sventlana's counsel and recommendations to provide bloodwork and MRI's for her review she quickly and accurately prescribed some limited prescriptions and suggested some of her proprietary supplements. I visited with Sventlana for follow up and my blood pressure and heart rate are in the normal range and I feel really good for the first time in a long time. Sventlana has a certain intuition about her field of expertise and is gifted. I am truly grateful for her. Mel McIntyre
3 weeks ago
I'm new to writing online reviews. Since I do use them in selecting products and services I feel very bad that I have not done this earlier, Renewed Medical Health, Svetlana and her staff have been my family's Primary Care Providers for over Three Years now. In all that time I have never encountered anything less than enthusiastic service. Our first visit was almost from desperation. Years of trying to get Professional and Caring Medical assistance from the typical Medical Care System left us at wit's end. My wife has Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Regular Doctors and Neurologists just wanted to write prescriptions with terrible side effects or just said "Oh, You Have SPMS". Sorry there's nothing we can do. The first Visit with Svetlana changed that and much more. She started with a comprehensive and detailed blood report and set out to get my wife's bodily chemicals back in order. With Hormone and other vitamin issues Svetlana worked up a package to begin correcting this. NO other Medical Professional "Doctor" would even look into this. Within a short period of time we started getting results. Increased energy, better sleep, fewer and less severe shooting nerve pains. Swallowing and speech improved and better cognitive abilities followed. Better continence and after a new set of pellets she just has noticeably better well being, To healthy people these don't sound very impressive but for a MS patient it's huge! After several months, Svetlana had explained to me that I too could benefit from some of the treatments they offered. My transformation was totally unexpected. I thought I was just fine but Man, was I mistaken. With Testosterone Replacement Therapy, my 60 plus year old frame changed. First the energy level was awesome. Then with exercise and a better diet I now have the energy of my early thirties plus I've never been in better shape as I am today. Guy's, You don't need to go to a Men's Clinic for this. Plus sharing the treatments along side your significant other is a whole level better as well. Renewed Medical Health can do life changing for both men and women. My Daughter and another friend of the family also get these treatments here and none of us would ever consider going back to the status que. I've seen some of the less than great reviews and know people who have not had the same experience as myself. In some cases I think preconceived notions come into play and the cost of these treatments are not Cheap. It's interesting that the Typical Medical Insurance Industry will not cover a lot of the these services that Renewed Medical Health can provide. Some of the people who I've sent in were not happy having to pay out of pocket but for the increased energy, sense of well being and increased productivity the cost are well worth it for me. I also enjoy out performing my much younger employees and friends. What Svetlana and her staff can do has been life altering. Its a powerful thing to give people in need both hope and results. I can't recommend this enough! Peter S.
2 months ago
I have lost 15 pounds in a month, Svetlana is amazing, she is very encouraging! I have had iv infusions for 6 weeks and I am feeling better. They approach your health and goals from different modalities!
4 months ago