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I have been a proud patient of Renewed Medical Health & Beauty for almost 6 months now, and I'm as blown away amazed with the service and staff as I was the first day I walked in. Svetlana and her team take care of my needs, they always have a helpful smile, and do everything they can to make sure proper precautions are taken when I come in for my weekly injections. I have lost almost 25 pounds thanks to Renewed Medical Health & Beauty...normal diet and exercise never got me there this quickly. I suggest Renewed to ALL of my friends and family!
6 months ago
I receive Weight loss + nutrition treatment/program. The treatment is uniquely geared towards my own needs and what I need to exceed on my journey! The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! I feel like they are my support team!! Dr. Svetlana really cares and shows she wants us all to succeed! I finally feel like I can succeed and I’m on my way to a NEW and HEALTHY me! Thank you!!
5 months ago
Svetlana is wonderful! She listened to my needs and my vision for my health and then went to work on a plan for me! I feel healthier now than I have in a while! I’ve balanced my hormones and lost 20 lbs. I highly recommend Renewed Med Spa.
3 months ago
Renewed Medical is amazing. Svetlana was able to help clear my skin up & help get my anxiety under control. She truly listens to her patients and goes above and beyond.
7 months ago
I went to Renewed because I needed to loose weight for health reasons and I did not have the will, or determination to do it. Not only have I lost weight but I have gained energy, self confidence, and improved my libido. I greatly appreciate everything they have done, and look forward to what is still yet to come
3 months ago