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Svetlana ar Renewed Medical is great! I feel the best I have ever felt in 20 years! My thyroid is under control n I have lost 51 pounds. I feel great, my shoes even fit better. Thank you Svetlana ♥️ If your doctors tell you to stop eating and push away from the plate and not giving you any additional education or help -you need to come to Renewed Medical !!
a month ago
I have had Svetlana Burtman FNP as my primary care provider going on 6 years now. She has done an amazing job helping me with multiple "middle aged" health issues and slowly helped me improve my life in all aspects from hormone balance to getting my pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome under control!! The benefits have been having more energy, improved sleep patterns, almost no body aches, NO depression, and wonderfully improved sexual intimacy! I have even lost 24 lbs that felt impossible to lose before I began this journey. Most women are told by OB/GYNs or mainstream PCPs that these symptoms are "just part of getting older", well Svetlana proves that this is NOT how it has to be!! I feel better than I have felt since my 20's and feel in control of the quality of my life! I recommend Renewed Medical Health to anyone who does not want to "just get old" and obtain a healthy active adult lifestyle!
4 weeks ago
I came in for Lip Fillers for the first time and I’m not gonna lie I was NERVOUS however Svetlana is so sweet and made the experience so enjoyable. I don’t know why I didn’t do fillers years ago because I am OBSESSED with how good they look! Thank you so much for the confidence boost and incredible environment. I will recommend everyone here!
3 months ago
My experience has wonderful and exciting, I was nervous at the beginning not knowing what to expect, but I must share, my visits have been warm, welcoming and everyone has been very family friendly, everyone walks you through step by step. My ending results have been very satisfactory and I am very happy, my smile now is wonderful. I have recommended renewed medical health and beauty to so many already and will continue, thank you!
3 months ago
I have used Renewed for aesthetics and when I have been ill . I can recommend them for both . Svetlana knows her stuff on aesthetics . She tackled a tricky spot by my eye that 3 other injectors would not touch . She is good at what she does . She prescribed me the right meds when I was ill and was very kind and reassuring . I have done some IV infusions to help with immune system support . Really cool massage chairs while u get the infusion is relaxing and super comfortable. I recommend all around .
3 months ago