Omega Peel

What is an Omega peel?

The Omega peel is our gentlest peel and is suitable for all skin types, including clients with extremely sensitive skin and clients taking Accutane. It exfoliates the skin, deep cleanses pores, and removes small blackheads.

After cleansing the treatment area, your skin care nurse will apply the Omega gel and allow it to activate for 20 seconds. Your nurse will gently massage the area for several minutes. The gel will liquefy and begin to loosen the dead skin cells. As the massage continues, the cells will become grainy, and then clump together. A simple rinse with cool water will remove the gel and exfoliated skin cells. Your nurse will massage a custom blend of vitamins and products suitable to your skin’s needs into the area, and then apply UVA/UVB sunblock. The application of a vitamin E balm to the lips will complete the procedure.

How does it work?

The Omega peel works on a completely different principle than other chemical or enzyme peels. When skin cells die, they flatten and form the outer layer of your epidermis (the stratum corneum). The dead skin cells are held together primarily by electrostatic bonds. The Omega peel ingredients break those bonds and cause the dead skin cells to clump together as the gel is massaged. There is no possibility of this peel burning the live, healthy skin cells below the surface.

What are the benefits?

The Omega peel is the perfect exfoliant and always leaves your skin silky smooth. It will remove small blackheads and the exceptional pore cleansing inhibits the formation of new blackheads.

How many treatments do you need?

A single treatment is exquisite but this is the perfect peel for safe and effective monthly maintenance.

Things you should know.

Aside from a slightly rosy look from increased blood flow and a temporary tingling, there are no risks or side effects.

How much time Does the Treatment require?

30 minutes.

How much does it cost?

$99 each, $269 for a package of three (~10% discount), $479 for a package of six (~20% discount).

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